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  • 'This book is a tonic! Positively bristling with countless common-sense solutions to restore human and planetary wellbeing, Change Everything powerfully sets out what needs to be done and how to do it. Both practical and hopeful, it’s essential reading for anyone who wants a route map to a fairer, greener future' Caroline Lucas

  • 'Natalie Bennett is right. We have to change everything. But how? Sitting on our hands and hoping things will return to ‘normal’ is not an option . . . Natalie Bennett provides hope and inspiration by showing us how in a myriad of practical ways. If you want to "be the change you wish to see in this world", read this book' Christine Milne, former leader of the Australian Greens

  • 'A brilliant and timely guide. Natalie Bennett is the real deal, practising the politics that she preaches. Change Everything is both a manual and a manifesto for the way to create a better world before it's too late. A must read for anyone who wants a way out of our current political quagmire' Jennifer Nadel, Compassion in Politics

  • 'A full-throated battle-song . . . We are ready for another world, we are ready to change everything and this wonderful book shows us exactly how we are going to do that' Caroline Lucas

About the Author

Natalie Bennett, or Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle for really formal occasions, was leader of the Green Party of England and Wales 2012-2016, and entered the House of Lords in 2019. That’s meant a decade travelling the country speaking at public meetings, in schools, colleges and universities, and hearing about the many great grassroots efforts being made to tackle our polycrises. She has degrees in agricultural science, humanities and social science, reflecting her passion for joined-up, systems thinking, rather than reductionist, 20th-century-style approaches. She was editor of the Guardian Weekly, chief sub-editor on the Bangkok Post, and a volunteer at the Thai National Commission on Women’s Affairs. She grew up on the lands of the Wallumedegal people in northern Sydney.

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