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Change The Channel On Pain

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Change The Channel On Pain

The mind and its images have a profound effect upon the experience of pain. You can learn to shift your awareness and diminish the pain signals reaching your brain. This program offers two thoroughly relaxing and soothing experiences that teach you to use two different techniques to tune out pain and tune in relief.


  • To reduce, relieve or eliminate
  • To build self-esteem in chronic pain sufferers
  • To teach various techniques of pain


Recommended For:

Chronic and acute pain of all types, and to support medical treatment. Other programs deal with specialized pain relief (post-surgery, headache, backache, etc.)

Recommended Use:

One to three times daily, or as needed for pain control. It is important that anyone using this program has received professional medical assistance and that all appropriate medical attention has been given to the condition.

Some pain medication may produce unpleasant side effects. This program may prove helpful in reducing or eliminating dependence on such drugs. Do not attempt withdrawal from prescribed medication without the supervision of your physician.

Description of Exercises:

Track 1: (Part A) Ð Releasing Pain: Teaches you to focus awareness away from pain, and thereby decrease its intensity. This experience uses imagery and selective awareness to help you dissolve and make the sensations of pain disappear while leaving you in a calm, deeply relaxed state. (30:12)

Track 2: (Part B) Ð Focusing Relief: With a background of harp and flute, this experience teaches the technique of creating numbness of Òglove anesthesiaÓ in your hand. Then it provides a method, Òdissociation,Ó of transferring the numbness to an area of your body where you are feeling the pain. (28:50)

Note: This recording is intended to support and not replace medical treatment. Many people find that they can reduce or eliminate pain medication after using this. Please do not reduce or discontinue any prescribed medication without consulting your physician.

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