Managing Emotions: Golf's Next Frontier


Author: Doc Childre (Author)

HeartMath for Golf Anxiety & Peak Performance: HeartMath techniques are reported to significantly enhance emotional balance, improve decision-making, and help golfers manage stress and anxiety. These benefits translate into better performance on the golf course, as golfers can maintain focus and confidence, especially under pressure.

If you'd like to work online with a Certified HeartMath Professional to learn more about the techniques send a text message to one of the following +1 (848) 468-6757 or +61 4040-2042 or email denis (@) dmasynergetics.com or via the wellemart contact page.


If you are a passionate golfer, you can appreciate the pleasurable emotional state associated with playing at the peak of your game. You also understand how emotional blowups or meltdowns can quickly override and undo the results of countless hours of practice. A new, illustrated, 60-page book explains how you can achieve and maintain optimal emotional states for extended periods of time-even in the heat of intense competition. You’ll learn HeartMath’s Quick Coherence® technique for emotional balance and high performance in golf. It’s easily integrated into practice routines, just like chipping, putting, ball striking, etc., and will help you maintain your energy, avoid errors due to emotional judgments and inner turbulence, shoot lower scores, and stay at peak longer.

From the back cover:

"HeartMath tools help golfers recognize how their emotional state changes so quickly, and how they can take charge of that. The Freeze-Framer software gives golfers techniques to control themselves while under pressure and in tense situations both athletically and in life. This is important for high performance." -- Laird Small, 2003 National PGA Teacher of the Year; Top 50 Teacher, Golf Magazine; Top 100 Teacher, Golf Magazine

"The HeartMath techniques took 8 strokes off my golf game within a week of learning them." -- Tom Ryan, golf pro and Director of Integrated Medicine at Columbia St. Mary's Hospital in Wisconsin

"I use the Quick Coherence technique on the golf course, and it always makes my day. It helps me get out of my own way‚ calm my mental chatter, release habitual anxieties, and swing with better rhythm and tempo. It also improves my putting. Thanks to HeartMath and the Freeze-Framer® technology, I am playing better and enjoying my self more on the golf course. I am confident it will work just as well for you, too." -- Michael McTeigue, Author of The Keys to the Effort less Golf Swing, Curing Your Hit in Seven Simple Lessons

More Testimonials from Golf Coaches and Golf Pros:

  • Joe Thiel: "HeartMath techniques show you how to take control of your emotions, enabling you to make dramatic improvements in your game. Most see their club-head speed increase and ball-flight control improve."
  • Ian Woosnam: "Using the emWave Personal Stress Reliever® enabled me to recognize the effects of stress on my body... It helps you ‘get into the zone’ as we players say, and sustain the right frame of mind."
  • Lynn Marriott: "Using HeartMath tools to shift from your head to your heart throughout your game increases the clarity about your golf shot."
  • Peter Fox: "Practicing with the program has helped me improve my ability to quickly shift into the zone. If you’re a golfer and haven’t learned HeartMath, you need to and make it fun."
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