The Great Re-Think: A 21st Century Renaissance


Author: Colin Tudge (Author)


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Colin Tudge excels in cracking open deadly belief systems so that we can see the new emerging―which is precisely what the world needs now. - Frances Moore Lappé, Diet for a Small Planet, and a Right Livelihood Laureate // Colin Tudge, one of our great rural thinkers, argues with eloquence, love and an extraordinary depth of knowledge for a better path, and, with inspirational hope, asserts that such a renaissance is do-able. Let’s get on and do it. - Guy Singh-Watson, organic farmer, Founder-creator of Riverford Organic Farmers // The Great Re-think is a beautiful blueprint for a new renaissance. It is a book of profound wisdom as well as a practical roadmap. - Satish Kumar, Schumacher College, Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist // As governments the world over seek to put profit before both people and planet Colin Tudge offers us a realistic, just and humane alternative which could deliver a secure and convivial future. - Tim Gorringe, Emeritus Professor of Theology, Exeter University and smallholder

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