The Singularity is Nearer: When We Merge with AI


Author: RAY KURZWEIL (Author)


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Ray Kurzweil is the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence -- BILL GATES

A fascinating exploration of our future, which raises the most profound philosophical questions

Few people have shaped how the world thinks about AI like Ray Kurzweil. Now, with
The Singularity Is Nearer, he has written an expansive and hopeful guide to a fast-approaching future that will once again set the terms of debate. Grounded in decades of meticulous research, and written with impressive clarity across an immense canvas, it's essential reading for anyone wanting to understand our exponential times -- MUSTAFA SULEYMAN, CEO of Microsoft AI and author of The Coming Wave

Ray Kurzweil is the greatest oracle of our digital age.
The Singularity Is Nearer is more than just a book―it's a survival guide for the technological renaissance we're about to experience. Ray’s accurate projections of what is likely to happen and when, makes the difference between surfing atop the tsunami of change, versus being crushed by it -- Peter H. Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE

Kurzweil makes a compelling case . . . It is only 2023 and already the world he envisioned years ago is taking shape. Curious about the Future? Read this book -- Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

About the Author

Ray Kurzweil is the field of AI's longest-serving expert, the inventor of numerous world-changing technologies and the author of several best-selling books. The Age of Spiritual Machines (1999) and The Singularity is Near (2005), in which he first predicted that computers would reach human level intelligence by 2029 and outlined his vision of the merging of human and artificial intelligence, have together inspired several major films, hundreds of books and thousands of articles. Many of his inventions, such as text and speech recognition, and vocal and musical synthesizers, have enabled breakthroughs in communication between humans and computers. He is a Principal Researcher and AI Visionary at Google, the recipient of the US National Medal of Technology and Innovation, one of the nation's highest honours, and a member of the US National Inventors Hall of Fame.

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