Transcendental Spirituality, Wisdom and Virtue - The Divine Virtues and Treasures of the Heart


Author: Douglas Charles Hodgson (Author)


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Our religious beliefs, despite predictions that they would disappear from our lives, continue to play an important part in contemporary society. Religious faith provides society with cohesion and solidarity and sense of community through shared beliefs, together with social influence which promotes moral, ethical and empathetic behaviour in society. More importantly, it offers meaning and purpose in answering existential questions, particularly in a pandemic environment, with many of us now thinking about our mortality. Yet there are distressing consequences arising from differing religious beliefs and practices as evidenced by the countless wars and conflicts that have had an overt or covert religious dimension throughout history and increasingly to the present day. Sadly, today we live in a time of increasing prejudice and persecution with the followers of most major religions reporting increasing hostility and, in many cases, violence. What the author has achieved in Transcendental Spirituality, Wisdom and Virtue: The Divine Virtues and Treasures of the Heart through an extensive comparative listing of each of the universal principles and divine virtues, is to show the reader that regardless of the origin of our beliefs, the sacred scriptures provide us universally with wisdom, holiness, inspiration and spiritual nourishment. Clearly the author has achieved a primary objective in writing by assisting readers to reflect on their own spirituality and faith but more importantly to understand and appreciate the spiritual unity across our individual beliefs. At no time in history has it been more important to take time to learn about our neighbours' culture and beliefs. This book will greatly assist us in commencing this important journey.--Philip Professor Evans

About the Author

Douglas Hodgson's involvement with legal education and university administration has spanned over four decades in Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. As a lawyer, teacher, researcher, author and human rights advocate, his interest in religious discrimination and religious fundamentalism issues motivated him to engage in the study of the scriptures of the world's religions, ultimately inspiring him to write "Transcendental Spirituality, Wisdom and Virtue: The Divine Virtues and Treasures of the Heart". He lives in Perth, Australia.

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